Photo of Barron, my supersized German Shepherd

This is Barron, my supersized German Shepherd who inspired me to invent the Emergency Leash. He travels with me everywhere, as my protector and buddy. He is 33″ tall at the shoulder, and is a very muscular 157 pounds.

The idea for the Emergency Leash came to me back in 2012 while at the veterinarian’s office.

My German Shepherd Barron was very well trained, so I never really needed him on a leash.

The veterinarian’s receptionist didn’t care about Barron’s good manners and insisted I put him on a leash.

I didn’t have a leash with me so with no other options, I had to remove my belt and put it around Barron’s neck in order to be seen.

Then an idea struck me… I thought about how nice it would be if pets could carry their own leashes.

Well, four years and several dozens of prototypes later, the “Emergency Leash” is now finally ready to help control, protect and reunite lost pets worldwide.

Many hurdles had to be overcome as Emergency Leash’s design needed to be small and light enough for tiny pets to wear 24/7, yet strong enough to control the largest pets.

The only way these requirements could coexist in one product was by using the highest quality, lightest materials, and designing it’s mechanism to work reliably in the harshest of conditions.

The initial goal was not to replace conventional leashes, it was to have pets carry a spare leash with them, so there would always be a leash on your pet for emergency situations.

I would compare the Emergency Leash to the spare tire in your automobile’s trunk… when that spare is needed, it’s there to help you reach a safe place.

The same goes for the Emergency Leash, it’s always there and ready to help get your pet to a safe place.

My German Shepherd doesn’t wander off, but I know most pets do so I thought of another important benefit the Emergency Leash could offer.

This is when I added the lost pet reuniting feature.

When a lost pet is found, the unique ID# on each Emergency Leash can be used to help reunite the lost pet back with its owner.

In essence, the Emergency Leash is two pet safety devices in one… the first helps to control and the second helps to reunite.