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  • Please make sure the hook is secured inside casing after the Emergency Leash has been used. 
    To properly wind and secure a hook into the casing, click here to watch this video.
  • Please make sure the hook is securely attached to the collar's D-Ring before use.
  • Only use for guiding pets to safety or in an emergency situation. This leash is not designed for everyday use. It is never meant to be used as an anchor, for tethering or anything else other than leading your pet to a safe location.
  • DO NOT wrap the cord around your fingers, hand, wrist or any part of your body. Please be cautious with your finger's safety when they are near the deployed cord.
  • DO NOT grab the cord at any time while in use, as it may burn or cut your skin!
  • Emergency Leash should NEVER be handled by children or infants in order to protect them from possible cuts and/or choking risks.